Formula Nova coming soon.

We are proud to announce that Formula Nova has been sent to app store! hopefully next week it will be ready for sale on app store.

It´s free version includes 2 tracks and 2 different cars, the game also come with in app purchase for “Package 1″ featuring 5 tracks and 5 faster cars with different physic setups.

Cars have 4 states of max velocity:
turbo maximum velocity, regular maximum velocity,  crashed turbo maximum velocity and crashed regular maximum velocity, going from up to down on this order.
They also feature durability, that is the amount of hits a car can have before its engine blows, once your car has been crashed, you will need to run over a fix point to fix it, you still be able to get  the turbo, but it will have less effect.

The game also features 3 driving ways:
- tap button to turn
- drag steering wheel
- accelerometer

We hope you enjoy the game!

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